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About Our Founder

Shree Periakaruppan is the creator and owner of Foodology. She is an IT Director by profession and has been on the management role for over 10 years. Juggling between her IT career and raising her children, she always had great passion for cooking. She has lived and worked in Washington DC for over a decade, during which time she enriched her passion by taking numerous cooking classes pertaining to world cuisine. While in US, Shree also got opportunities to create private cooking events to bring out the joy of cooking as a group. So, after moving back to Chennai in 2013, she started working on a plan to create a cooking studio that would allow people to vision and experience cooking as an entertainment. Hence Foodology was born in May of 2014! “Ology” means study of something so “Foodology” – study of food, sounded good for the space!

She is also a Celebrity Chef, and has hosted over 300 cookery shows in Sun, Raj, Puthuyugam and Puthiyathalaimurai channels. She has also published a cookbook in her regional language: Tamil and the book had won the best cookbook award for the year 2016. Her book "I Cook", a complete illustrated cookbook for Children was launched in November of 2017

Shree has also won the “Women Entrepreneur Award” for the year 2016 from FETNA,