• Private adult party
Private Parties

Upto 3 participants : 6000 INR

3+ Participants : 1800 INR per person

8+ Participants : 1600 INR per person

Private Events

Private Parties

Getting together over Food is the most authentic bonding exercise that comes naturally from the heart. Our kitchen is where great teams are brewed, friendships are stirred, and ideas are stewed – all with the love of food.

So how does this work? We divide up your group into teams, hand out a recipe booklet to cook, lay out the ingredients, introduce you to the state of the art kitchen, and kindle the master chef in you!

And you delegate, chop, mince, stir, boil, bake, season, taste & plate while our expert consultant chefs aid you in creating your most memorable meal! Simmer the tension as the deadline approaches and add more zest and laughter to taste. At the end of 2 hours your meal is ready to be shared and we decide the group that performed the best.

Eating out in a restaurant or dancing in a lounge is so not our genre. We stir up the community, bring people closer through cooking, reaching peoples heart through their stomachs! So Come on over and cook with us!

Our menu selections for Private sessions : Click Here