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15000 INR for the first 10 Participants

1300 INR for each additional person

Above 20 participants: 1200 INR per person flat rate. (Return gift included)

Team Building/Corporates

Escape the office by trading in your computer for an apron at Foodology Cooking Studio!

In order to grow, companies need a culture that encourages personal bonding, fosters solid communication, and breeds camaraderie. In our experience, nothing achieves all of this quite like coming together in the kitchen and breaking bread over an unforgettable meal to finish the night.

Our professional chefs work side by side with your employees helping to ensure the meal and moments that are being created, are nothing short of spectacular. Whether they’re a foodie or first timer, working hands-on, literally, with their work associates will take stereotypical “TEAM BUILDING” to a whole new level.

Mystery Basket team bonding is a way for your team to engage in a little delicious competition. In this Iron Chef-style challenge each team is given a 'mystery' basket of ingredients chosen by our chefs. Using creativity and communication the teams must then prepare two dishes to be judged by our chefs. A unique and exciting event!

Our menu selections for Team Building sessions : Click Here!