• Kids Cooking Party
Visitors/Indian Experience Sessions

Private Experience session North Indian/South India 1800/- per person

Group discount 6+ persons – 1700/- per person



We believe that food forms an integral part of any culture and experiencing local cuisine is a crucial part of discovering a new region as a traveler or explorer. Our underlying motive is to dig deeper into fascinating world of Indian food- flavors, heritage and culture served together in an informal and fun atmosphere. This experience will give you a chance to understand the Indian society, and how diverse the Indian culture is with food as a driving factor.

Even if you haven’t cooked before, or are a complete novice in the kitchen, our class is designed for you to learn at your own pace, while never missing the fun!

We want you go back not just having tasted Indian food but inspired and confident enough to try it at home.

Our menu selections for an Indian Experience session : Click Here